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We are the Lazare family and want to thank you for visiting our page.  The concept of Unplug Spot began several years ago.  Watching our children sitting in the same room but interacting with devices instead of each other made us think back to our youth. 

Kids on devices
Plugged In

A childhood filled with physical and imaginative play.  Games and puzzles.  Dress up.  Shooting hoops.  Creating masterpieces of art.  Reading books.  We miss the type of play that preceded video games and redemption games offering cheap plastic trinkets as a reward. 

We are not at all anti-technology.  We appreciate the convenience, accessibility and equality it brings.  You’ll see us Skyping with Grandma in Holland, asking Alexa for a phone number, and yes even allowing our two year old to watch Frozen on our phone when she is crying uncontrollably in a fancy dining establishment. 

We recognize that the intersection of technology and society will continue to drive great change in our lives, but we also retain a bit of nostalgia for the play, learning, and entertainment methods of old.  We invite you to visit us at Unplug Spot.  We hope to become a spot for your family to spend a little time detached from screens where you can create memorable experiences together.  We invite you to join us and connect by disconnecting and unplugging to play. 

Thank you, 

Lazare Family Photo
The Lazare Family (Tony, Emily, Nora, Luca Theo, and Isla)